Slow Living with Chook Chook

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Slow Living with Chook Chook

I love chooks almost as much as I love puppies. Nowadays, it’s rare that I eat eggs, but when I do, I know where they come from. Chook chook is a happy girl living down south where my sister-in-law showers her with the best food scraps and she has Missy to keep her safe.

I am all for having chickens and if more people kept chooks in their backyards, we wouldn’t have to buy eggs that come from caged chickens. In my dream I’d have enough chooks to supply my family and the neighbors with fresh eggs. Then I’d smile as would my chooks too.

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There is something so seductive about slow living. Perhaps because it’s an instinct and a natural attraction. Nature’s way of ensuring that we continue to live with her in harmony. If you want to live a slow life, growing your own food is a sure way to slow down. Now, this doesn’t have to include a dozen potato rows and a field of wheat. Pick a few of your favorite veggies and herbs and rest supplement from the green grocer.

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I love spending time down south with the in-laws. When I land there, first order of business is checking up on the lemon and banana trees conveniently located next to each other. It’s fairly easy to succumb to their charm.

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