Apana Health and Wellness Raw Treats

apana raw treats


I recently spent an afternoon with Nicki the founder of Apana Health and Wellness based in Dunsborough, WA, to experience and shoot her range of raw treats. Imagine if you got to taste some of the best, creamiest, raw treats at once. A bit overwhelming in the best way possible because I got to taste nearly every treat handcrafted by Nicki, whose intuition when it comes to raw food deserts is pretty damn impressive. Every base, every chocolate topping and filling is done to perfection. I believe the key to her success is finding balance between sweetness and flavour without being overwhelmed by either. Instead, you will taste complimentary flavours such as blood orange with the cream of fresh coconut flesh and just a few other key ingredients to bring it all together.  There was so much goodness packed in a single afternoon. If you live in the area, you might consider one of her made-to-order raw cakes, some of which you can view via Instagram.