Boranup Beach

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This is Boranup Beach. An epic hideaway in Australia’s south-west region and a 4×4 access only beach. Typically you make a few turns off the main road and keep driving on a road that is uneven, rocky and sandy until you reach what can only be described as heaven on earth.

We reached the beach around 8am and by then there were a few folks setting out for a light surf. Sand was just starting to warm up, wind was down and water temperature was perfect. Under these conditions bathing suit or not, you go for a swim because you will regret not taking a dip for the rest of your life.  It’s moments like this one where I truly feel like I am living in the moment. I am filled with joy, appreciation and gratitude. I give my thanks to the earth which has provided me with all I need to breathe, eat and feel.

Travel and adventure is always on our mind and lately we have been discussing sailing even if it’s just around Australia. In many ways, you learn to live with less and how to portion your resources.