Camp Vibes at Hamelin Bay

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hamelin bay beach
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hamelin bay_fire
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camp vibes coffee
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We had the best time this last trip to Hamelin Bay. Bit chilly for swimming; otherwise, perfect for camping. For dinner, Craig boiled the potatoes then roasted them in the cast skillet over open fire with some veggies. In the morning, we had fresh coffee. Our trusted French Press done all the work and then he made us breakfast. By 10am, I had made a trip to the far end of Hamelin, had coffee and breakfast and our swag was packed up. How can this be? Well for starters, there is no phone signal in the area, you go to bed on time and wake up with the first rays of sun. There are no distractions and so you get on with your day.

I got up early and made my way down the beach just soaking in the beautiful sights and connecting with what was around me. I think I am in heaven and thoughts about reducing waste and my carbon footprint start flooding my mind. How do we keep our oceans and the life it supports thriving? How do we let our future generations enjoy these same beauties? We do this by making the environment our priority. We fish less, we remove motorized hobby jet skis, we pick up rubbish, stop using toxic cleaning products that eventually bleed into the water streams…list goes on and it’s not rocket science it’s common sense.