Denmark, WA

A few months ago, we decided on a trip to Denmark, WA. We drove what seemed like days arriving to our camp site late afternoon. The following morning, we were up before dawn heading out to Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks. They are nestled in an area of truly breathtaking natural beauty. As the sun was coming up, there were thousands of mosquitoes and baby kangaroos hopping around and if that doesn’t set the scene for unspoilt wilderness, I don’t know what does. By 10am this seemingly remote part of the coastline was buzzing with activity. Feeling uplifted after a few hours spent by the water, we then made our way into town and had breakfast at Ravens Cafe. They serve a good range of yummy raw and vegan foods.

Denmark is a welcoming hub for outdoor and slow living enthusiasts. The town is situated way south with a great community vibe and a few shops and cafes like Ravens that take their coffee seriously. I picked up a bag of passionfruit for $4 from the gas station. Win!!! There is plenty to do and see in Denmark. Much more than we had time for and sadly our journey was long and our stay was short. It is nearly ten hours of driving roundtrip, but if you value travel or any type of weekend escape then it’s time well spent.

views from above by @craig.tenardi