florals Annabelle hickson

Some of us like to daydream about gravel roads, gum boots and rose branches wishing for a weekend cabin somewhere far away. If this is you, then you’ll be rather fond of Annabelle’s imagery and use of words. After discovering Annabelle’s blog The Dailys, it quickly became a go to place for a daily dose of fresh inspiration. I simply can’t get enough of her brilliantly orchestrated floral arrangements. They are visually stunning and for me, they induce an emotional response placing me in a zen-like state of mind.

Annabelle’s work is simply beautiful. This particular collection of photographs captures her masterful use of light whilst photographing floral arrangements. Her photographs take me to a place where there is a delicate balance between all that is fast, modern and overwhelming and a place where breakfast is had slowly, dinners are early and there is a sense of harmony. When traveling through her photographs, I dwell on the little things like the movement, the positioning and her choice of background. There is a strong sense of individual style that she communicates so well with the use of light, texture, colour and all those small details that instantly engage the viewer.

all images courtesy of Annabelle Hickson via her website the dailys