Mister Finch Noshery Cafe

Mister Finch Noshery Cafe is a family owned spot just on Norfolk Street. They create amazing, fresh dishes and serve them up in a small cafe setting with both inside and outside seating. It creates that relaxing atmosphere that most of us crave on a Saturday morning.

Mister Finch, what a stylish name! Lea, who is one of the owners, clearly loves her establishment, as she should. Their outdoor seating is just too good, but don’t be shy come inside and take a look around. The place is a real charmer. All the bits and pieces including the food come together so nicely. They serve an organic blend of Locale 142 and have damn good freshly made juices. The whole place including the folks is just lovely.

  • 12 Norfolk Street, Fremantle WA • [vegetarian/baked goods/fresh juice/organic coffee]

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mister finch cafe
mister finch cafe

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mr finch breakfast

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