Mrs. S Cafe

Sweet heavens of butter, bread and baked goods! ‘These are made on site every morning,’ said the hostess. Well, in that case I must try the brownie. The thing about Mrs. S Cafe is that it embodies the quintessence of your corner cafe. Nothing flash on the outside, but full of personality on the inside. It is this personality combined with unique dishes what most of us crave and reputations are made of.

Our dishes were served on colorful plates, which is very much the theme of the place. I look to the left and see chook jugs and to the right a window nook with coloring books for the kids. I guess they are just nuts about flowers, creative dishes and a really fun atmosphere. A type of place where you can stay for hours, but feel guilty because people are patiently waiting to be seated. Here, I found qualities I associate with a luxurious brunch: color, comfort and food that I normally wouldn’t think to make at home.

  • 178 Whatley, Crescent, Maylands •  [vegetarian/ baked goods]

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mrs s cafe toast

mrs s cafe breakfast

  • Sarah / Mrs. S said:

    thank you for the kind words! we are glad you enjoyed your visit :) xx

    • Ines said:

      We love your goodies and will be back for more :)