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Summers should be about those momentous captures of happy kids running around and parents not giving a shit if they are naked or covered in sand. There was a lovely French family with their three boys going absolutely crazy, digging deep into the sand and mom going along with it.  When kids are still so young you get all this spontaneity that doesn’t happen as much later in life.

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I find so much joy in shooting film. Somehow it feels good knowing that I am one of those folks keeping the art and craft of analog photography alive. In reality though, there are so many professionals and creatives who are deeply committed to film and creating some of the best photos.

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Ricoh Singlex TLS / fuji400

Why I Like Film Photography

With film photography,  I really don’t care about the hype or current trends. Sometimes no matter how much I want the shallow depth of field I got to increase my aperture, well, because the sun is shining bright and my shutter speed can’t go above a 1000. All I can do is think what’s around me, what am I seeing and how does it make me feel? Film has the ability to take all of that in.

More importantly, I love the look and feel. There is something about film that you can’t get with digital. Depth, emotion, tonal qualities and texture that film produces can never be replicated with a digital camera. I don’t obsess over focus or sharpness because mood is more important. In psychology you got emotion, mood and affect. They are used interchangeable, yet are distinct elements. Film can capture all of them and I am not sure that digital can.

Film is also very new to me. The whole process of loading the film, then carefully removing the film and waiting for the roll to be developed is almost therapeutic and creatively fulfilling.  You only have 24 or 36 shots per roll so you try and be careful with what you photograph and it can’t be rushed.  Also, I am barely at the point where I am trying different films and learning how different looks are achieved. Every new roll is full of surprises.

My dream would be Contax 645. I never even held the thing, but it speaks to me. With that said, I will never stop shooting with my first love Ricoh as the thing means too much to me. Speaking of dreams, check out this VW! It’s a heartbreaker.

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