Return Trip to Southern California: Encinitas + La Jolla


Ahh 2015 was such a blur, two very fast moving grad school semesters filled with many hours of marking and data collection, a mid year trip to the states filled with good, solid friend reunions and photographs that I am just getting through now. It’s funny because I am not always motivated to go through photos and edit them as I take them. Instead, they collect a bit of dust and then on a random afternoon when I should be working on my thesis, I start going down memory lane and it fills me with so much joy.

Clearly, I miss my life in San Diego and if you would have told me how many bumps I would run into throughout the process of pursuing a PhD degree abroad while trying to chase residency, maybe I would have thought twice about it! But it was all worth it and three years later, I am exactly where I need to be. 2016 holds so much potential for growth and creating measurable success like obtaining a grant or landing an awesome project that will allow me to play a bit more with photo storytelling.

Happy New Year friends! I hope it brings a whole lot of opportunities and possibilities your way…

encinitasdowntown_bytheseaencinitasboulevard_bythesea goodonyabar_bythesea selfrealisationchurch_bytheseaencinitasburrito_bytheseahonyesburrito_bytheseaswamisacaibowl_bythesea

Don’t get me wrong, Western Australia has been awesome and I have it pretty good here, but they don’t make burritos and acai bowls like they do in Encinitas. Swamis Cafe has a solid menu with many vego choices and smoothies that are some of the best in the world. Not that I’ve tasted smoothies all over the world, but I am willing to put my money on it.

swamisbeach_bytheseakidsatplay_bythesea beachstairs_bythesea

Sky, river, ocean, bay, sea, lake, mountain I love it all. No matter where I am or what I decide to do, coast will be within close proximity and preferable a sunny one. Even more reason to reduce waste this year and really commit myself to living a sustainable lifestyle.

lajollaviews_bythesealajollarope_bythesea lajollasecretspot_bythesea lajollacove_bythesea lajollapaddle_bythesea