Ricoh Single X TLS: First Film Roll









As of last month, I am the new owner of someone’s old (although I prefer to say Vintage) Ricoh SingleX TLS. I picked it up from PJ’s Camera and Photo Supply shop in Glen Ellyn for under $200 with the complete set of lenses including 35mm and 50mm. It’s referred to as MMM (metal, mechanical, manual) and was introduced in 1967. To think that someone had it all these years and now has been passed on to me is a pretty special feeling. I was eager to give it a go. First roll of film was a Fuji400 scanned and developed also by the folks at PJ’s camera shop.

I mainly depended on the internal metering to take the exposure. Other times, I took my own exposure reading and was happy with the outcomes in both scenarios. Eager to get the first roll of film developed, I shot an entire roll in just a day. Most of these were taken in my mom’s garden just as the sun was coming down. Film looks, feels and communicates differently than digital. And it’s not so much about film versus digital, rather it’s about the preference for a medium used in a given moment. I love the look and feel created with film. As I look over the photos above, I get this overwhelming sense of familiarity with the mood, warmth and atmosphere of that day. Although, I don’t see myself entirely shifting to film, as digital has its own benefits, I will be investing a great deal of time in film. Currently on my third roll :)……

  • Axel said:


    Absolutely fantastic pictures! Recently bought a Singlex myself with a Chinon f/1.17 55mm lens. What lenses did you buy for yours?

    • Ines | By the Sea said:

      Hi Axel, ah you are gonna love it. I am so happy with this camera and it came with few lenses 50mm, 35mm, 200mm and 135mm. I mostly use the f/1.7 50mm. I've only had it for a few months now it might not be top notch medium frame but it sure does give me some lovely photos. drop a link if you plan to share any of your photos!!!

      • Axel said:

        Sure will! Are they Rikenon lenses? I'm curious since the sharpness in your pictures is quite spectacular! Did you make any alterations digitally after scan?

        • Ines | By the Sea said:

          They are. And honestly I don't know much about Rikenon, but they've proven to be great. Obviously I shoot digital and those are edited but anything that was taken using film has not been altered. I choose to post them as they come to me scanned. I am slowly transitioning to film, and feel that I would be a much better film photographer than digital.

  • Axel said:

    Hi again,

    Had my first roll of film developed so here it is if you wanna have a look:

    Quite happy with the results, though the film was slightly damaged by airport security (apparently film does not like with being exposed to radiation). Will definetly carry on with this lovely camera!

    • Ines | By the Sea said:

      I LOVE it! The color and mood, film is just the best. There is one photo on the train that I really liked. I've bookmarked your page so that I can keep an eye out on any new photographs you share.

      ps. just after seeing your pics, I went down to my local shop and got another roll of film for this week :)