My One Week Staycation in the Southwest

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My one week staycation in the southwest started with a cold that lingered for a few days, but thankfully rest of the time was spent lunching at the berry farm and channeling Martha Stewart for a few days. There were rhubarb, fresh clementines and lemons, handpicked flowers, tea and cozy nights by the fireplace. Every day was planned around a menu that included sweet and savory dishes. The next door neighbor had a few things growing in his garden including rhubarb hence the apple and rhubarb pie and rhubarb crumble. Oh, and how can I forget the rhubarb cake. We had planned to take a few photographs and share the recipe, but once the cake was out of the oven it was served hot and consumed within minutes. I had two large slices, no regrets…..well maybe I do regret digging into the second slice a little…

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More than anything, I love being able to chronicle home life or home life moments that are rather general and uneventful, but restful. What you see are small windows of free time where I might have grabbed my camera and shot a few photographs with bits and pieces that were around the house.  The struggle is finding the time to do just that, so when there is time for some of the most mundane of things it’s actually really fun and more valuable for our peace of mind than we realize. Time to go for a run, time to have a bath, time to read a cookbook…

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  • nush said:

    Just lovely especially the blue wren ????
    Thanks for sharing

    • Ines | By the Sea said:

      Oh the blue wren, it's really such a rare opportunity to get them that close. This particular place is built with birds in mind providing the perfect nesting ground for them so when you come in for lunch it's very likely you will be surrounded be these beauties. xoxox

    • Ines | By the Sea said:

      Hi Valentina, ahh thank you. It's always a joy to have people check out the pics and see a bit of life in Western Australia xoxoxox

  • Cherise said:

    Beautiful Ines! Next time your down, give me a heads up and lets go for wanders. xo