The Other Side Cafe

The Other Side Espresso Bar and Cafe in Cottesloe is a small cafe with a big heart. You can get fresh baked goods with your perfectly made coffee or stick around for a full meal. I enjoyed a super fresh and healthy breakfast with my fav Canadian Kelsey. She had a ridiculously good chia seed pudding and I had an avocado smash on toast plus a muffin to go!

  • 142 Railway Street, Cottesloe WA • [vegetarian/baked goods/fresh juice/delicious coffee]

the other side menu

the other side cake

the other side food

the other side water station
the other side wall

the other side ago smash

the other side chia bowl

the other side cafe

Cafe Guide is a series on featuring the independent cafe scene and a fun way to showcase the diverse creativity behind the cafes around the city of Perth and Fremantle.

  • Love this! Makes me want to spend an arvo there. Great photos Ines. xo

    • Ines said:

      Thank you!! Well you know what that means, trip to Perth and an arvo at The Other Side followed by a walk to the coast :)